Discover how to create rewarding and lasting relationships on a business and personal level

What’s Possible… In Relationships?

Imagine the possibilities in your business and personal life if you could focus on creating positive relationships with ease.
One of the most critical indicators of success in any culture or business is the quality of the relationships within it. Once the science of creating positive relationships is uncovered, it becomes much easier to navigate the mine field that can await those who don’t have this knowledge and understanding.

Based on findings from the world’s most influential researchers as well as her own experience as a business woman, wife and mother, Karen offers unique insights into “What’s Possible in Relationships”.

Understand the keys to creating a positive home and work environment with ‘take home’ strategies that work.
Key Learnings:

  • Discover the Language of Success and how it empowers you and others
  • Find out how to climb the the ‘ladder of success’ and how easy it can be to go to the next level
  • Learn the powerful distinction between praising an outcome and acknowledging an action and the difference it can make.
  • Discover the optimal ratio of acknowledging others and when too much can create the opposite effect
  • Understand the real ‘currency’ of relationships and the positive impact it has on creating enduring relationships
Participation in this seminar gives a leading edge on creating “What’s Possible in Relationships” and will give you all the knowledge and tools you need to build positive, empowering relationships that benefit everyone, in particular your work colleagues and your customers.

Presentation length can be flexible to suit your needs. From a one hour keynote to a full day workshop.

To ensure your event is a ‘stand out’ success, call Karen to discuss your specific needs on: M: 0414 453 131 or email:

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