Discover how to become a human dynamo and achieve optimum health and performance with less effort

What’s Possible… In Health?

Imagine the possibilities of what you could do, if you understood the keys for renewing your energy levels every day.
In this fast paced world we live in, we can often feel more drained than energized with day to day challenges and juggling a career and family. This compounding effect takes its toll on productivity, creativity and morale.

In her dynamic ‘What’s Possible in Health’ presentation, Karen shares the key drivers for increasing energy levels and optimism and taking performance to the next level and beyond.

With 25 years experience working with people to create results, and using her knowledge as an accredited practising dietitian, Karen shares a unique blend of cutting edge research and easy to implement strategies to enhance what’s possible in optimizing energy levels, health and productivity.

Key Learnings:

  • Learn how to have ‘energy to go’ with the 5 key elements of health
  • Understand the connection between stress and weight and what you can do about it
  • Tap into the “superfoods” that supercharge your cells easily
  • Find out the optimum time to train so every minute counts
  • Understand how to increase metabolism 24/7 so your body literally becomes a human dynamo
  • Find out what ‘NND’s’ are and why they give optimum nutrition and health
  • Discover how to build your immune system by making a simple choice each day
Filled with an abundance of wisdom, world class research and practical ‘take home’ strategies, this presentation delivers on “What’s Possible in Health”. These simple choices, when implemented, continue to create improvements exponentially into the future.

Presentation length can be flexible to suit your needs. From a one hour keynote to a full day workshop.

To ensure your event is a ‘stand out’ success, call Karen to discuss your specific needs on: M: 0414 453 131 or email:

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