CD- Creating Your Own Success Thinking



Do you know what you want, but it somehow continues to elude you?

Would you like a coach who would encourage and move you closer to achieving your goals?

What if you could access that coach anytime – night or day in an instant?

This CD will show you exactly how to be successful by using language that focuses on what you DO WANT rather than what you DON”T want.

You will discover how to ‘tune in’ to the conversations you have with yourself, and change them in an instant so they become positive and empowering.

This simple shift will have a profound effect on your beliefs and the results you create.

So make the start today – as Karen explains, you have the ability to ‘fine tune’ your own personal coach and in doing so – Create Success in your Life.

Karen Coulson has coached many people to achieve their goals and dreams using these techniques. She is an accredited practicing dietitian, mentor to many leaders in their field and most importantly , mother of 6 children, including 2 sets of twins. Her belief that we attract what we focus on, is the foundation for what she teaches and lives.





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