Creating a body and life you love

$39.95 CD


Would you like to go on a mini vacation every day?

If during that vacation, you learnt how to create a life and a body you love – would you take it?

This CD is exactly that – a time and space away from the demands of the world to appreciate what you have and create more of what you’d love in your life.

You’ll discover how each moment is a moment of choice – your choice – to either create a life you’ll love … or not. It’s all up to you and the choices you make in each moment.
Against the cascading backdrop of piano and strings, you can relax on a gentle journey to the place where you make those choices to create a body and life you love.

With Karen’s gentle and positive suggestions, you will learn how to release those areas that are not serving you and replace them with positive and empowering ones.
Gift yourself 20 minutes each day and begin to create the life of your dreams NOW.

Karen Coulson has coached many people to create a life they love. She is an accredited practicing dietitian, mentor to many leaders in their field and most importantly , mother of 6 children, including 2 sets of twins. Her belief that we attract what we focus on, is the foundation of what she teaches and lives.

This CD is designed to be played in a quiet, relaxed environment free from the distractions of the world. Listen to it in a place where you are comfortable and able to allow your thoughts to flow easily.

**PLEASE NOTE: This CD is NOT to be played while driving a car or when focused attention and alertness is required

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