About Karen Coulson

Karen Coulson IS the Possibility Expert - she understands the 'power of possibility' in achieving what we really want in life. Using her unique methodology developed over the past 25 years, Karen allows people to explore the realms of what's possible in their lives and work with their most empowering beliefs to make it happen.

At 19, Karen was married with a new baby, the probability for extraordinary success in career or marriage was less than optimal. Yet, Karen lived into the possibility that she could create success regardless of what others believed - and 30 years later, she has achieved a phenomenal range of successes in all key areas of life.

From a family perspective, Karen now has 6 children -including 2 sets of twins, and her marriage is as strong as ever.

In the business world, she has created three highly successful businesses from 'start up', all of which have become market leaders in their field with million dollar plus turnovers. She has also grown a multi-million dollar property portfolio which continues to flourish and grow each year.

Academically, Karen has achieved 2 university degrees - one in the humanities and another in the sciences. She studied law at university, then became a teacher before starting her first business.

After the birth of her second set of twins, she spent 5 years studying dietetics and qualifying as an accredited practicing dietitian (APD). She then created a business taking health programs to corporates across Australia. Karen also worked on a personal level coaching a wide range of people from top business performers to those wanting to improve their health and fitness.

The "Possibility Methodology", is a distillation of the past 25 years of research and working with people to achieve their optimum potential. It's application is as diverse as the goals people want to achieve, yet it's simplicity makes it easy to implement immediately.

Karen continues to reach a huge range of audiences as well as coach people to achieve even greater success. Those attending her keynotes and workshops are not only inspired by what they hear and learn - discovering what's possible for them creates a fundamental shift. As a result, audience participants report a "flow on effect" that carried over after they leave the conference and allows them to achieve what is possible in all aspects of their lives.

Thought provoking, powerful, dynamic and transformational.
Karen Coulson is a must for every company leader who wants to assist their employees to maximize their greatest potential. Once people tap into this unique system, they will soon realise that possibilities put into action will create REAL results on both a professional and personal level.

To ensure your event is a 'stand out' success, call Karen to discuss your specific needs on: M: 0414 453 131 or email: info@karencoulson.com

"The best predictor of your future is in the choices you make today"
Karen Coulson