Creating Possibility

The Difference ONE Can Make

Karen Coulson - Monday, July 25, 2011

We often don’t know what we’re capable of – until we go beyond what we think we can do”   Kc


The Difference ONE Can Make.


I’m not the most athletic person in the world. Growing up, you’d find me in the library rather than on the sports field most lunch-times.  When it came to doing the mandatory athletics day, I’d somehow work my way into helping a teacher rather than running around the field.

I no longer have youth on my side – if I want to be able to outrun my grandson with the lolly jar, then I need to do something new. So if you come into the gym on most mornings, you’ll see me there.  And you may even hear me complaining at my weekly personal training session  “I can’t lift another thing” or “It’s buuuuuuurning!!!!” It’s too hard”.


If I had my way, I’d stay on the same weights every week. I’d walk on the treadmill and catch up on the talk shows. I’d do the things I was most comfortable with and leave the rest til another day – when I felt like it.


Yet every week, I hear the same words ringing in my ears as I struggle and feel like giving up. ‘Just do one more, just one  - you can do it “.  And it’s that – that makes all the difference.


So often in life we want the reward but we don’t want to do the extra that will get us there. We want to stay in our comfort zone but we want more as well. When we decide to step out and do ‘just one more’, we begin our journey to the next level.


We each have a cheering squad – both internally and in our outer world.  Listen to them when you need extra strength. You may find you can do ‘just one’ and it’s that which will make all the difference.

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