Creating Possibility

If it Makes you Happy

Karen Coulson - Monday, July 25, 2011

When you discover and develop your talents, you tap into an energy source that is limitless

When you discover your talents, you discover your uniqueness.

Your talent is your driver.  Stevie Wonder


If it makes you happy 

What is it that makes you happy? That has you forget time and space and become immersed in something you love?
I believe each of us is uniquely a genius – we have encoded in our DNA great abilities and talents that are waiting to be tapped into. And when that happens – you can’t help but feel a sense of connection to who you really are.


What may seem like hard work to someone may be a breeze to someone else – and it’s usually because they are doing what they love. So how do you discover that? How do you know what you are wired for? 


It’s often difficult because you live with yourself and take for granted your abilities and talents. In fact, you may assume your talents are nothing special and that everyone can do what you do. Or that others see or hear or sense things the way you do. But I have some news  that may surprise you – they don’t !   – and it’s discovering what you uniquely experience that will show you your uniqueness.

A couple of weeks ago our family went to Cirque du Soleil. I was mesmerized by the visuals, the talents and skill of those who were performing. Yet the show I experienced and the show my daughter sitting next to me experienced, was very different.

I heard music, she heard the individual instruments. I discovered there was a band at the end of the show – she knew from the very first note. She could tell what settings the keyboard player chose. I didn’t even know there was a keyboard! 


And so it is with each of us – we have our own unique way of experiencing the world. It is this uniqueness that carries with it our talents.  Those who have made the Olympics have tapped into their unique talents and then worked with others who use their unique talents to bring out the best in them.


The joy and celebration of winning is shared by all those who have given the best of who they are – the athletes, the coaches and those who have worked behind the scenes. Each person standing on the dais not only represents their country, they represent the team of people who have given of their talents to bring out the best in them.

And so it is with each of us – we all have unique abilities we can use and as we do so, not only do we light up – but we light up those around us.

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Norwich VS Manchester united, data prospective
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i love messi style of play
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Celtic captain Scott Brown may face 10-week lay-off due to hip problem
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"He has been pushing himself to the limit and we can't keep asking him to put himself through the amount of distress that obviously he was doing towards the end of his time on the pitch.
Celtic boss Neil Lennon said: "Scott Brown has run his course, we may have to book him in for surgery. We are looking at eight to 10 weeks.
The midfielder has been struggling with the injury all season and has only been playing intermittently, usually in the big games.
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Luiz Adriano charged by UEFA after controversial goal at Nordsjaelland
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"We thought that they would give us a goal. Half their team seemed to think so too, but the other half didn't."
Adriano's goal made it 1-1, and he eventually scored a hat-trick in a 5-2 win that made sure Shakhtar advance to the last 16.
UEFA says it opened a disciplinary case against him for "violation of the principles of conduct" in Tuesday's match in Denmark.
Shakhtar Donetsk forward Luiz Adriano has been charged by UEFA following his controversial goal against Nordsjaelland.
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Rogers: I haven't sold suarez forward
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The 25-year-old striker was observed may transfer the premier league champions Manchester city. However, Rogers said: "there won't be bidding war, suarez will stay here. If we lose luis, that we haven't striker, so I won't sell him. He must not" what do we want to sell or transfer out, we also hope to continue to reinforcing the team to complete the set. Target, we are continuously working hard this summer. Louis has signed a new contract, it shows his allegiance to the club's determination. Here he into a lot of balls, and behave very well. Here he very, very happy."
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Roberto Mancini admits Manchester City's Champions League exit not unexpected
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Mancini's name was chanted by City's fans throughout the closing stages of the game and he called on them to continue their support in the Premier League despite their European disappointment.
That leaves them needing to beat Borussia Dortmund in Germany next month to have any chance of a place in the Europa League, with their Champions League hopes over in the group stage for a second year running.
"I am disappointed as normal, like everyone here, but when we started this group we knew it was a difficult group.
Roberto Mancini admitted the foundations of Manchester City's early exit from the Champions League were built long before their 1-1 draw with Real Madrid.
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