Creating Possibility

Achieving the Impossible

Karen Coulson - Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"What we focus on creates the journey as well as the destination". Kc

As the world watches the amazing feat of bringing the Chilean miners back to the surface, most of us acknowledge that their ordeal would have to be one of our worst nightmares. Yet as each miner singularly emerges triumphant from the tiny capsule aptly named ‘Phoenix’, -he represents the triumph of the human spirit over seemingly impossible odds.

As I read of their epic challenge - 69 days underground- the first 17 days with no form of communication to the outside world - I’m in awe of what would be to many, an impossible task - staying focused on getting out alive and working with others to ensure that outcome.

In situations where we are faced with 2 very different alternatives - neither of which are guaranteed but both of which are possibilities - we often gravitate towards the one which seems most likely.  But with all exits blocked, no contact with the outside world and 620 metres of solid rock between them and freedom, the most likely scenario was untenable.

Not knowing how long they would remain undiscovered, they rationed their meagre supplies meant for 2 to 3 days at the most. To achieve the outcome they all wanted, sacrifices had to be made. All agreed on the strict ration of 2 spoonsful of tuna, a sip of milk, a piece of canned peach and a biscuit each ‘day’.  Trapped water was sourced by digging with backhoes inside the mine and from radiators of vehicles in the mineshaft. What little light they had was powered by truck batteries to their helmet lamps.

Hearing the incessant drills, they were ready with hand written notes and adhesive tape when on Day 17 it happened - the drill broke through and they were able to fasten a document holder with a succinctly worded note to the drill end.   “The 33 of us are fine in the shelter’ was the message that brought hope and exhilaration to a waiting world.

Phase 2 was about to begin - and another harrowing 51 days would eventuate before they were able to be pulled singularly to the surface.  Optimism was kept up with messages from loved ones, signed soccer shirts, video conferencing and a steady supply of provisions.  Relatives were encouraged to keep their communication positive - focusing on the best possible outcome. 

Underground morale was kept high with each man part of a team, all with one key focus in mind - their safe recovery. While experts worked above ground to ensure the best possible result, those below also worked together to build optimism and morale - so much so that they each wanted the other to go up first when the rescue began.

Their choice to stay positive and have faith in the rescue effort is a key reminder to all that regardless of the odds, all things are possible. Not only does it enhance our chances of success - it will also make the journey much more worthwhile. 

Make your journey worthwhile.

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